Father Thomas’ Story

Father Thomas shared his story with us recently:

Treasure and Tradition has helped me tremendously in praying the Traditional Latin Mass.  I prayed my first Latin Mass on March 19, 2018 and told St. Joseph that he was responsible for helping me.  In 2018 I was able to offer 45 TLMs.  This year I am at 106 already.  I will break 125 by Christmas.  I love it.  I still have to work hard at it, so I try to study a few pages of your book before going into the Mass.  Of course I also study the propers beforehand.

I gave out all 125 copies that I ordered last year.

I am stationed in a rural area, but when I travel to our largest city, I offer the TLM at various parishes and invite local people to attend.  It seems that God has called me to stay where I am (in the Novus Ordo, as hard as it is to give people Communion in the hand and face the people during Mass) in order to transition people back to Tradition.  But all of my churches have kneelers, and about 10% of the people are now kneeling for Holy Communion.  The TLM teaches us to pray the Novus Ordo way better.

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