Today was our first full day here in Rome and to say that it was busy is an understatement. Our biggest day is going to be tomorrow at the Canonization Mass, so we had to spend the day getting everything ready.  We woke up very very early and went to Mass, then to St. Peter’s Square, where we did a short trial run trying to hand out some of the books so we can see what worked. We got rid of 50 copies or so in about 20 minutes.

Next we headed off for an audience with Cardinal Burke. He gave us most generously of his time and we had a wonderful conversation with this true Prince of the Church. It was a rare treat that we will all remember. He took us into his private chapel and solemnly blessed us, promising to pray for our success tomorrow.

Since our team was all together at that point we spent some time strategizing for the morning. Then after lunch we headed to our ground-floor apartment near St. Peter’s which was stacked high with all the boxes of books. A little over 320 boxes that is!  And each one of those 7000 books needed to have a flyer inserted. So we spent the entire afternoon stuffing flyers in the books.

Yup, that’s 320-someething boxes, each weighing 13 kilos. I have no idea what that is in pounds, but it’s not light.
Stuffing flyers in the books…all 7000 of them. I have 7000 micro-papercuts…

After all that work we needed some R&R so it was off to dinner and a glass of wine or two.  We can’t wait to find out what will happen in the morning! 

Please be sure to pray for us! We are being told that most of the streets between us and the square will be blocked off in the morning, meaning we may have to schlep these 300-some boxes 10 blocks or more to get around the barricades. And we have just one small dolly.

Please in your charity pray that God may make straight our paths.

May the angels assist us!

This is what our books look like, with a redesigned cover especially for the Synod.

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