I was overwhelmed by an unexpected wave of grief when my dear friend left for home this morning.  I have been so focused on the tasks to be done each day that it really wasn’t until that moment that I realized what a sacred bond we had formed through our triumphs and travails.  She has been my faithful partner in this enterprise from the very beginning stages of planning, and we have trod the streets together as if two halves of one whole.  Now that she is gone, she takes part of my heart with her, and this phase of our project comes to a close. 

Now it must enter a new phase in preparation for the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage this weekend.  Once more, thousands of books must be moved to make them available to the attendants of the pilgrimage, though I am wary of hiring the movers once more.  I am tempted to move them with my own two feet as a penance, but the distance they must travel over cobblestones puts this outside the realm of prudence.  God will provide.

A simple and quiet lunch, Italian style…

Nor will this project truly end.  Many books remain here in storage, in the hands of those who will continue to find places and uses for them.  Moreover, upon my return home, yet another phase will begin.  Now that we have inaugurated this concept on a grand scale, here in the heart of the Catholic world, we have shown what can be done with patience, determination and love.  Now we will have these economical softcover versions printed in bulk back in the USA so that those who would like to implement the same idea on a smaller scale can buy an “evangelization pack” of, say, 50 books or more, and distribute them anywhere they wish (as long as they have the proper permissions of course…!).

Through the past weeks we have come into the circle of many important people here in Rome.  I have been stretched to new limits as we have made these connections and many of our experiences have shown me that there is another dimension to our project that I hadn’t anticipated, one that seems to be preparing me, educating me, forming me for something more.  It is hard to imagine what God can have in mind that is even bigger than what we have already miraculously accomplished (with His assistance at every step), and therefore I anticipate the future with equal parts eagerness and trepidation. God’s Will be done…on earth as it is in heaven.

My view at close of day after a very long walk…

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  1. May God Bless you. I saw your interview on Life Site, and it brought encouragement to me. Thank you for your efforts, and the pictures.


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