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Part of our mission on this blog is to share true stories of conversion and deepening of the faith that have occurred with the help of the book Treasure and Tradition. If you have a story you would like to share, please use the form below.

Please note…

  • By submitting a story, you are giving us permission to post it here. Please make sure that you and any people mentioned in the story are comfortable with this.
  • You are also giving us permission to edit it for length, content, grammar and basically anything else we need to modify, as long as it doesn’t change the facts.
  • If you wish for us to anonymize your story, let us know.
  • We reserve the right to choose which stories to publish; submitting a story does not guarantee that we will post it.
  • If your story is brief, simply send it in the message form; if it is longer, give us a brief description of the story and we will contact you to upload the full story.

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